We Be X0xing

It occurred to me today that I hadn't put up many pictures yet of my x0xb0x whilst under construction. It further occurred to me I had not taken many pictures of my x0xb0x whilst under construction either. Besides the one a few posts down, this is it:

enter image description here

Here the power supply is done (the components on the smaller PCB to the right) as well as the VCO and VCA sections of the mainboard. And also a few IC sockets are in because I got bored one night and wanted to solder but didn't have all the parts yet.

Here's a photo of the finished product:

enter image description here

It simply sounds marvelous and is a joy to tinker with. I used diffused blue LEDs (which are actually hard to get a hold of cheaply) and metal knobs. The knobs ended up being the wrong size though, so they sort of wobble a little when you turn them. (The center of the pot is not the same as the center of the knob.)

I also happened across a picture of the oscilloscope I bought on eBay. Four channels, 100MHz, all awesome. It's the exact same model that I used in the Air Force to repair autopilot systems so I'm already familiar with its operation. Usually, buying something like an oscilloscope on eBay is extremely risky. An oscilloscope is a precision instrument with a million different things that can go wrong and quite a few bits inside that have to be calibrated every so often. On top of that, most of the test equipment for sale on eBay comes from auctions a.k.a., refuse.

I got lucky, though: $300 (free shipping) and there's not a single thing wrong with it. I like gambles that work out in my favor.

enter image description here